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Rabbi Alon AnavaRabbi Alon Anava shares his life-changing story with the public. He will take the time to speak to any size group. He has been invited to speak in a variety of settings; from crowds of hundreds to private homes, Shabbatons, schools, Yeshivas, etc. He is able to connect to teenagers and young adults as well as older crowds.

His public appearances are riveting, uplifting and inspiring. Alon is able to address any type of crowd, due to life experience as both a secular and observant Jew. Alon has a keen sense of tapping into the needs of the audience, making it a personal experience for listeners. He is able to create a comfortable, non-judgemental environment, where the crowd is able to open up and freely ask questions and express themselves. Often, Alon maintains contact with members of the audience, continuing to answer and address concerns and questions.

Rabbi anava has spoken throughout the world and given over 1000 lectures, always resulting in a great uplifting and inspiring event. The audience is left feeling inspired and ready to make a life-change. Rabbi Anava’s lectures are unique due to his passion in fulfilling his personal mission . For more information about how to book a lecture, please use the Contact Us page

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Rabbi Anava lecture


“Just wanted to share with you all that Rabbi Alon Anava was not just good, not just great, but was FANTASTIC!!! Literally changed some lives tangibly and gave everyone lots to think about. It was the easiest event to get people to… We got 100 ppl. with no personal calls and txts. The subject and pics sell themselves. GRAB HIM while you can! totally worth it!!
Rabbi and Devorah Leah Heidingsfeld
Chabad of Moorpark, CA

Lecture of Rabbi Alon Anava

“Whatever you said in those 5 hours made a TREMENDOUS impact on our girls!!!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!
With much appreciation,
Tova Weingot
Darchei Emunah, Tzfat
“Alon’s story is amazing. All that we believe about life after death becomes much more real after listening to Alon’s description of all that he experienced. For there’s a big difference between reading it in the books and hearing it from first-hand experience. We periodically bring Alon to the Chabad House to tell his story, and each time, everyone comes away deeply affected”Rabbi Adam Stein
Chabad at Stony Brook University


“Alon has come to the “Aliya” Institute twice over the past year and each time kept our lively crowd literally glued to their chairs. His story is literally out of this world! I highly recommend him to come speak at all Chabad houses, Shuls and youth centers. His story is a serious wake up call for the congregants and as well for the Rabbi”
Rabbi Moishe Feiglin
The Aliya Institute


“Alon’s speeches are breathtaking. The audience will be at the edge of their seat and will be thirsty for more at the lectures end. Alon’s story is inspiring and you should make your best effort to attend an event of his or bring him to lecture at an event you are organizing. Wish you much success Alon!!”Nathan Yadgar

Alon's Lectures

Some of the locations where lectures took place
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Hineni Heritage Center NYC – Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis | New York, NY
Edmond J. Safra Synagogue of Manhattan | Rabbi Asher Vaknin | New York, NY
MJE – Manhattan Jewish Experience – Mrs. Molly Leader | New York, NY
Torah on demandRabbi Levy Djian | New York, NY
Chabad campus of Baruch College – Rabbi Levi Stolik | New York, NY
Chabad of Wall Street – Rabbi Shmaya Katz | New York, NY
Chabad of Upper East Side – Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski | New York, NY
Chabad’s Young Proffesionals – Rabbi Yosef Wilhelm | New York, NY
Congregation Magen David of Manhattan   |    New York, NY

Chabad Israeli Center of NYRabbi Gavriel Avichzer | Brooklyn, NY
The Aliya Institute – Rabbi Moishe Feiglin | Brooklyn, NY
The Shtiebel – Toel Rubin | Brooklyn, NY
Yeshiva Hadar Ha’Torah | Brooklyn, NY
Aci Ezer Torah center – Rabbi Felachi | Brooklyn, NY
Sephardic Community Center | Brooklyn, NY
Chabad of Mill Basin – Rabbi Friedman | Brooklyn, NY
Chabad of Sheepshead Bay – Rabbi Shlomo Z. Cohen | Brooklyn, NY
Chabad of Georgetown – Rabbi A. Holtzberg | Brooklyn, NY
Chabad of Kensington – Rabbi Moshe Chaim Levin | Brooklyn, NY
Gorsky Kavkazi Jewish Center | Brooklyn, NY
Chabad Neshama Center – Rabbi Moishe Winner | Brighton Beach, NY
Chabad of Marin Park  | Brooklyn, NY
N’shei Chabad | Brooklyn, NY
Beis Chaya mushka high-school | Brooklyn, NY
Bnos Menachem high-school | Brooklyn, NY
Beis Rivkah high-school | Brooklyn, NY
Tichon B’not Rachel Girls High School | Brooklyn, NY
Bnos Chomesh Academy | Brooklyn, NY
In The Heights | Brooklyn, NY
Machon Chana – Women’s Institute | Brooklyn, NY

Pardes Shlomo   |   Brooklyn, NY
Beit Juhuro – Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron  |  Brooklyn, NY
Congregation B’nai Jacob   |   Brooklyn, NY

BJCC Youth – Rabbi Asher Vaknin | Queens, NY
Beth Gavriel Bukharian Jewish CenterChazaq Organization | Queens, NY
Young Israel of Briarwood – Chazaq Organization | Queens, NY – View Lecture
Congregation Shaare TovaChazaq Organization | Queens, NY
Congregation Beis Rochel | Queens, NY
Lander College | Queens, NY
Congregation Ohr Natan | Queens, NY
Bukharian Jewish Community Center – Rabbi Asher Vaknin | Queens, NY
Beth Gavriel Bukharian Jewish Center – By Achdut org. | Queens, NY
Chabad of Eastern Queens – Rabbi Yerachmiel Zalmanov | Queens, NY
Congregation Yesodi Chaim   |   Queens, NY
Ohr Torah minyan Sefaradi – Rabbi Yehuda Eliyahu | Queens, NY
Young Israel of Briarwood – Sephardi Minyan | Queens, NY

Long Island
Babylonian Jewish Center of Great Neck  |  Great Neck, NY
Ahavat Shalom Synagogue – Rabbi Isaac Bakhshi   |   Great Neck, NY
Kol Israel Achim – Rabbi Alon |  Great Neck, NY
Chabad of Great Neck – Rabbi Yoseph Y. Geisinsky  |  Great Neck, NY
Cherry Lane Minyan | Great Neck, NY
Congregation Beit Eliyahu – by Chazaq Organization | Fresh Meadows, NY
The Chai Center – Rabbi Avraham Lehr | Dix Hills, NY
Chabad at Stony Brook University – Rabbi Adam Stein | Stony Brook, NY
Chabad of Roslyn – Rabbi Aaron Levi Konikov | Roslyn, NY
Chabad of Howard Beach – Rabbi Avrohom Richter   |   Howard Beach, NY
Chabad of Hewlett – Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim   |   Hewlett, NY

Monsey & Upstate
Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim – Rabbi Scheiner   |   Monsey, NY
Yeshiva Kol Aryeh – Avreichem Braslev | Monroe, NY
Pesach in Lake GeorgeNechama Dina Laber | Lake George, NY
Chabad Knesset Center – Rabbi Charitonow  | Buffalo, NY

Staten Island
JRLC of South Beach – Rabbi Zeev Kushnirsky | Staten Island, NY
Chabad of Staten Island – Rabbi Zeev Kushnirsky | Staten Island, NY

Congregation Beth El | Fairfield, Connecticut
Chabad of Yale University – Rabbi Shua Rosenstein | New Haven, Connecticut
Camp Chomeish of New England – Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom B. Stock | Moodus, Connecticut

Chabad of Northampton – Rabbi Tuvia Helfen | Northampton, Massachusetts

Los Angeles
Aish Ha’Tora – My Aish LA – Rabbi Tal Perez   |   Los Angeles, CA
Nessah Synagogue   |    Beverly Hills, CA
Young Israel of Beverly Hills   |   Los Angeles, CA – View Lecture
Congregation Ohr HaTora   |   Woodland Hills, CA
Congregation Beit El   |   Encino, CA
Beit Mitzvah Jewish Center – Rabbi Yossi Cohen |   Encino, CA
Magan David Synagogue   |   Beverly Hills, CA
Beit Chadad   |   Tarzana, CA
Torat Hayim Beit Midrash – Rabbi Zargari |   Los Angeles, CA
Haichal Moshe Synagogue – Rabbi Dovid Loloyan   |   Encino, CA
Beit Avraham Sephardic Synagogue   |   Woodland Hills, CA
Maor Chaim Yemenite Synagogue   |   Valley Village, CA
Tashbar Sephardic Yeshiva Ketana – Rabbi Taban   |   Los Angeles, CA
Hebrew Discovery Center – Rabbi Louie  |   Reseda, CA
Congregation Torah Ohr   |   Los Angeles, CA
Chabad of Long Beach – Rabbi Yitzchok Newman | Long Beach, CA
Chabad of West Orange County – Rabbi Aron Berkowitz | Huntington Beach, CA
Chabad SOLA of South La Cienega – Rabbi Avraham Zajac | Los Angeles, CA
Chabad of Ventura – Rabbi Yakov Latowicz |   Ventura, CA
Chabad of Oxnard – Rabbi Dov Muchnik   |   Oxnard, CA
Chabad of Moorpark – Rabbi Shimy Heidingsfeld   |   Moorpark, CA
Beith David Educational center – Rabbi Moshe Levihaim   |   Tarzana, CA
Yad Avraham   |   Valley Village, CA
Nessah Educational and Cultural Center   |   Beverly Hills, CA

San Diego
Chabad of Pacific Beach – Rabbi Yossi Tiefenbrun   |   San Diego, CA
Congregation Adat Yeshurun – Rabbi Jeff Wohlgelernter   |    La Jolla, CA

Beit David highland lakes ShulThe lighthouse project   |   Aventura, FL
K-Space Miami – Rabbi Yossi Smierc   |   Aventura, FL
The Jewish Center of Dania | Miami, FL
Beit Mizrachi   |   Boca Raton, FL
The Center – Matis Abarbanel    |   Aventura, FL
Chabad of Fort Lauderdale – Rabbi Moti Anati   |   Fort Lauderdale, FL
Chabad of South Beach – Rabbi Sholem Kleinman   |   Miami Beach, FL
Yeshivah Torah Ohr   |   North Miami Beach, FL

Bais Menachem – Youth Development Program   |   Wilkes-Barre, PA
Chabad of Kingston   –   Rabbi Yossi Shulman   |   Kingston, PA

Chabad of Northern Virginia – Rabbi Sholom Deitsch | Fairfax, Virginia

Baltimore Jewish Community Center   |    Baltimore, MD

New Jersey
Ohel Simha Synagogue – Rabbi Shmuel Choueka   |   Long Branch, NJ
Young Israel of Margate – Rabbi Yaacov orimland  |  Margate, NJ
Chabad of Western Monmouth County – Rabbi Boruch Chazanow   |   Manalapan, NJ
The Gorcey Beit Midrasha   |   Eatontown, NJ
Congregation Magen Abraham – Rabbi Semah   |   Long Branch, NJ
Torah Links of Middlesex – Rabbi Dovid Gross   |   East Brunswick, NJ
Park Ave. Synagogue   |    Long Branch, NJ

Congregation Sha’arei Tzedek Mishkan Yair   |   Chicago, IL
Kehillat Ohel Shalom – Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah   |   Chicago, IL
Sephardic Congregation – Rabbi Yitzchok   |   Evanston, IL
Kehillat Chovevei Tzion – Rabbi Gelman   |   Skokie, IL

Chabad Of The East Valley – Rabbi Mendy Deitsch   |    Chandler, AZ
Chandler Young Professionals   |   Chandler, AZ
Sha’arei Shalom Congregation – Rabbi Pinchas Nisanov   |   North Phoenix, AZ
Ahavat Israel Community Of Phoenix – Rabbi Baruch Cohen   |   Phoenix, AZ
Chabad of Phoenix – Rabbi Zalman Levertov   |   Phoenix, AZ


The Yeshiva CentreRabbi Deniel Kay | Sydney, Australia
Young Adult Chabad of BondiRabbi Deniel Kay | Sydney, Australia
Chabad Kensington Shul – Rabbi Deniel Kay | Sydney, Australia


Chabad of Hendon – Rabbi Gershon Overlander  |  London, UK
Beit Levy  | Stanford Hill, UK
Netzach Israel – Rabbi Doron Ahiel   |   Golders Green (London) UK
Heichal Leah Shul  |  London, UK
Beis Gavriel – Rabbi Menachem Junik  |  London, UK
Kehillas Ohel Moshe    |  London, UK
Hasmonean High school   |   Hendon, UK

Chabad Israeli Community Center of Toronto – Rabbi Yisroel Landa | Toronto, Canada


Yeshivat Aish HaTorah – Rabbi Yoni Miller | Yerushalayim, Israel
Shaare Ezra Sephardic Congregation – Armon Hanatziv | Yerushalayim, Israel
The elements Cafe   |   Tzfat, Israel
Darchei Emunah – Mrs. Tova Weingot   |   Tzfat, Israel
Congregation Ma’alot David   |   Ma’ale Adumim, Israel
Congregation Heichal Yackov   |   Kiriyat Yam, Israel
Rambam Synagogue   |   Be’er Sheva, Israel
Machon Alte  |  Tzfat, Israel
Yeshiva Shalom Rav – Rabbi Avrohom Shimon Weingot   |  Tzfat, Israel
Yeshiva Temimei Darech – Rabbi Pasternak, Rabbi Gorenstein  |  Tzfat, Israel
Camp Machanayim Bnos Yackov- Mrs. Chava Goldstein  |  Tzfat, Israel
Midrashat Torat Chesed  |  Netanya, Israel
Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael   |   Ra’anana, Israel


Lecture of Rabbi Alon_Anava