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In the last 15 years Rabbi Anava has been working hard to reach as many people possible in an effort to inspire and change their life’s. With G-ds help and with the support of many generous people we were able to reach tens of thousands of people all around the world with the result of changing thousands of people’s life’s with hundreds of lectures that are posted on line, hundreds of lectures given all around the world, hundreds of thousands of CDs and DVD’s that were distributed for free all around the world and many more outreach programs.

And of course this is all possibe with the help of generous people LIKE YOU!

By partnering with Rabbi Alon Anava on his outreach efforts, you are ensured to have a part in thousands of Mitzvot, Torah learning and good deeds.  Thousands of people will be affected by lectures, classes, DVD and CD distribution and much more.

Please partner with us by donating generously and help inspire thousands to come closer to the one true G-od. May G-od bless you this year with an abundance of health, wealth, marriage, kids, joy, happiness and what ever your heart desires.


Rabbi Alon Anava

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