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Alon Anava
After a near death experience Alon Anava has changed his life from one end to the other.
Alon Anava is a man blessed with a wide scope of talents. He has an artistic as well as an entrepreneurial spirit that have allowed him to be successful as an artist and as a businessman. He possesses vision paired the ability to realize that vision through focus and determination.

Alon is currently a successful Photographer and web developer.

Alon grew up in Ra'anana, Israel, where he was intensely trained in martial arts. He later pursued his training in Denmark under the tutelage of one of the greatest fighters known day. Through intense training, Alon further developed his innate ability to be in control of his environment. Where others might break under pressure, Alon Anava thrives and rises above all chaos maintaining balance at all times. He radiates a sense of completeness and humility without any false pretense whatsoever. In other words, 'what you see is what you get'.

This was not always the case. Before his life-altering experience, Alon would describe himself as simply put, not nice. After facing death, and realizing the purpose of life, Alon transformed his very being. He diligently attends Yeshiva studying every day, exploring the depths of Torah, refining and elevating himself on a daily basis.

Alon has come back with a gift. He is able to connect to our creator in a very intimate way, allowing him to also connect intimately with others and really help them overcome their questions and concerns.

During his free time, he spends his time sharing his story in an attempt to make it as real for you as it is for him. Our hope is that you as the listener will absorb Alon's story and wake up to the reality of this world. We hope that you will have the strength within you to rise above what seems like the prevailing darkness and choose light. We encourage you to connect to your maker and begin your spiritual journey to better yourself and humanity as a whole. We encourage you to see the miracle of you!